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Oil Cleansing

In recent years, oil cleansing is gaining popularity globally due to its amazing ability to cleanse better without stripping your skin of its natural oils.

Oil cleansing works because the oil you use to cleanse with, bonds to the oils and dirt on your skin. The oil also acts as a barrier to protect your skin, and keeps it soft and moisturized.

Just like our face, our intimate skin requires daily care too.

The intimate skin has a delicate ecosystem that can easily be thrown out of balance.

However as the entire intimate female anatomy is often wrongly referred to as the vagina, there is a misconception on whether you need to use feminine wash to cleanse the intimate area.

The vagina refers to the internal canal that leads inward up to the cervix. Vaginas naturally produce discharge, and is "self-cleansing".

Everything else - the outer labia (lips), where your pubic hair grows, and the inner labia (the part your clothing does not touch) — is your vulva. The vulva (outer and inner labia) may be washed.

It is perfectly normal to have some mild, natural smell. However, the hair follicles in your vulvar area, which contains the sweat gland excretions, could use some proper cleansing as additional odour-causing bacteria can thrive and build up in this warm, moist, tightly-covered-with-clothing environment.

It is important to note that you should never wash your intimate areas with regular soaps, body washes, or body gels because they are not correctly formulated for the delicate intimate skin.

Our Cleansing & Moisturising Oils have been carefully formulated with high quality natural oils, to be gentle enough for the intimate skin.

One of the most commonly asked question about our Cleansing & Moisturising Oil is, what is its pH level?

Only aqueous solutions have pH levels, vegetable oil has no pH value. The formulation is suitable for everyday use and help with common intimate skin struggles.

For those who are experiencing itching, the Sea Buckthorn + Fragonia formula is recommended for you.

The Coconut + Vanilla keeps you feeling fresh and moisturised all day, with a sweet and romantic natural scent.

We also have a fragrance-free option for those with super sensitive skin.

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