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Your guide to Lube

Lubricant, often termed as lube, can be used by anyone, regardless of gender, age and sexuality. It does not have to be used only when things have gone a bit dry – you can use it at any time during intimate moments to enhance the pleasure.

Vaginal dryness during sex is common and can happen for many different reasons, including hormonal changes, stress, and even medication.

The natural lubrication levels of the penis can also vary, and dryness in anyone is absolutely nothing to be embarrassed about using lube.

There are different types of lubricants available in the market, water-based, silicon-based, and oil-based, which you can choose based on your preference and comfort level.

Wet Lips Caring Glide is developed with the woman’s health as the no. 1 priority, to enhance your sexual pleasure while caring for your health and the environment. It is a water-based and pH-balanced lubricant, providing moisture and long-lasting lubrication.

Prebiotics help to support a healthy microbiota, which helps beneficial and protective bacteria to grow. They in turn help to protect you from the bad ones.

Wet Lips does not contain health and vagina unfriendly ingredients like parabens, phenoxyethanol, glycols, glycerin, potassium sorbate, silicones, and mineral oils.

The pure and natural formula contains water-retaining plant polymers and humectants to rehydrate delicate skin, meaning it can be used as a vaginal moisturizer as well as a lubricant.

It provides a smoother and softer touch while reducing friction, therefore it makes sex gentler for the body.

To elevate pleasure to the next level, Wet Lips Caring Glide is both Toy and condom safe.

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